What is PROUDgirls?

PROUDgirls™ provides a 9 Session Leadership Curriculum and Facilitator Guidebook that helps girls 12-17 become the confident, self-starting leaders we all know they are.  The awesome is already there, we just help refine it.

The PROUDgirls leadership program for girls is contemporary and relevant. (That means the writing in our teaching materials isn’t condescending, cringe-inducing or eye-roll worthy.) PG develops creative and strategic thinking, uncovers personal passions, discovers purpose and builds independence—in ways that are actually enjoyable, fun and engaging.  Yes! That is, in fact, possible!  Better yet, PROUDgirls learn all these things while creating change locally and globally!

We like to think we’re creating smart, confident young leaders today who will become smart, successful businesswomen tomorrow.


The Short Version.

Teaching Girls 12-17 to Live BIG and Give BIG.

You’ll Live BIG discovering who you are and what you’re good at and You’ll Give Big with every PROUDgive you do.

Live BIG: Be PROUD of who you are and rock your greatest life.
Give BIG: Giving=Living Bigger because good karma looks good on everyone.

The Longer Version.

When you do something amazing, you feel like a million bucks, right?  Imagine how insanely-great, totally-unstoppable you’d feel if you spent a bit of your free time on those things that made you PROUD.  Helping others!  Making the world just a little bit better!  Meeting tons of great people!

That’s what we’re about: creating change and feeling really PROUD of who you are and what you're capable of.

About the Founders

Prior to starting PROUDgirls.com, CARLA ALPERT (right) enjoyed a career in Advertising and Marketing for over 25 years. She was Art Director of the Trade and Marketing Division of Scholastic Inc., before launching her own design firm in April 1999. She still owns and operates Carla Alpert Creative whose client list includes NBC, Scholastic, and Dreamworks to name a few.

DIANE PREFONTAINE (left) began her career in Advertising in 1986. Her vast experience in media buying stems from the agencies she has represented over the years.  In 1990, Diane was promoted to Vice-President, Broadcast Supervisor at Lowe and Partners/SMS where she managed the local broadcast account for Mercedes-Benz Dealer Groups across the country, as well as various other well known brands. In January 2000, she founded Preferred Media, Inc., which continues to service a number of clients in the New York area.

Carla and Diane worked on various campaigns together before pursuing their passion to change the lives of girls and women nationwide. It was in March 2007, with their combined years of experience in marketing, that they formed PROUDgirls. They don't claim to be experts, just real women with real experience who have realized the importance and impact giving back has on your own personal self- esteem. They wake up each day in gratitude for the unique gifts they possess rather than focusing on what they think they are lacking, and they are sharing this philosophy with girls and women everywhere.

Words They Live By:
"Life mirrors every thought."
"Embrace the wonderful qualities we each possess, live in gratitude and make a difference in the world around you."