What Programs Using The Curriculum Are Saying

"We are very excited about the progress and impact we have made on 80 girls (and their families and communities) with our GIrlsFLI program utilizing the PROUDgirl curriculum, and look forward to increasing that number and geographic impact in the future."
––Stacey Scarpone, Executive Director Women's Fund of Long Island

What Girls Are Saying

This is more than community service, this is a family. I love these ladies and my team. I don't know where I would be without them.
--Olivia, 17, PGOM Smithtown

I love be part of the group. Connecting with people and feeling like I'm doing something bigger than myself has been amazing.
--Allison, 17, PGOM Smithtown

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I did get accepted into the Leadership program at school, and your letter of recommendation about my participation with PGOM was a large part of the reason for it!
--Taylor, 15, PGOM Smithtown

PGOM Rocks! Thank you so much for starting PGOM. This has been a great experience and I loved every second of it.
--Steph, 16, PGOM Smithtown

It has been an amazing 6 months doing PGOM I can't wait for the next round! PGOM Rocks!
--Jackie, 15, PGOM Smithtown

6 months and a life time to go! PGOM Rocks!! --Brianna, 17, PGOM Smithtown

What Partners Are Saying

Thank you for all you have done for the young women at Little Flower. What a wonderful message you have and how very fitting it is to those girls. You have set a great example to follow- keep up the good work.
--Alyson Gladle, Asst. Director for External Relations- Little Flower Children & Family Services of NY

“First let me start be saying WOW! You girls ROCK! I was so amazed to see the enthusiasm and dedication you all brought with you to the Mary Brennan INN, on May 6, 2009, not to mention all those sandwiches!”
--Emily Wilensky, Communication Coordinator, Mary Brennan INN

It was my pleasure coming to High School East and supporting our students yesterday.  These young ladies are doing a tremendous service to our community and I look forward to seeing all that they accomplish.  I would like to thank you for involving us in this worthy endeavor.
—Dr. Kevin R. Simmons, Principal, Nesaquake Middle School

The PROUDgirls are innovative, resourceful and independent young women. They planned and executed a phenomenal Fashion Show Event in three of our stores -- each whose sales went to benefit those in need.  The girls decorated, provided their own music and narratives, and selected their own clothing for the show.  The PROUDgirls are a unique group of caring, philanthropic young women with whom we have the pleasure of assisting annually!
—Janine M. Cabral, General Manager, Old Navy Outlet at the Arches 

Bravo for the Proudgirls. Love your message
—Marybeth Bond, www.GutsyTraveler.com

I recently learned of your organization after All TABS Up mentioned both of our organizations in a tweet earlier this week.  We love the work you are doing to empower and encourage girls and women. You are an amazing resource for teen girls. I am thankful that organizations like PROUDgirls exist to remind women of all ages that we have the power to make a difference.

—Sarah Binning, http://www.teenvoices.com, http://twitter.com/TeenVoices

What Parents Are Saying

Thank you for letting my daughter be a part of this team. It has definitely opened her eyes and has humbled her. She has become a more confident and compassionate person.
--PGOM mom

I too am very proud of the girls - they have really grown and matured.  I feel lucky to be able to bear witness to their evolution!

—Mary, PGOM Bayshore mom

My daughters were so blessed by their actions and achievements. It has built self confidence knowing they could do anything if they put their heart in it. In return it made them want to do even more the next time! The Gives are humbling experiences, showing them they have so much to be grateful for.

Margaret, PGOM Tye-Dye Siztahs mom

PROUDgirls has allowed my daughter to reach new heights in developing the skills needed to work as both a team member and as a project manager.  She is more confident about taking on challenging community projects for the betterment of others in need.

Deirdre, PGOM Tye-Dye Siztahs mom

Thank you for letting my daughter be a part of this team. It has definitely opened her eyes and has humbled her. She has become a more confident and compassionate person.
PGOM mom

 Thanks for your support!  The girls are LOVING this!!! All the best!
 —Linda :-), PGOM Pamoja mom