JULY 2014

Womens Fund of Long Island launched their girls leadership program called GIRLSFLI, using the PROUDgirls curriculum. GO GIRLS!

Coordinator Malisa Ali of GirlsFLI, a program of WFLI, sponsored the event. The presentation was to encourage on how not to fall victim to gangs, but to take courage and to know who you are. After the presentations there were breakout sessions. AKA, Irene Hylton from the North Atlantic Region, sponsored the event by displaying a station called Swap Meet. This station  had women purses. Another station were Birds of a Feather Flock Together. This signified the message of knowing who is in your circle. Valerie McFadden represented the families on Long Island who have experienced loss from gang violence, abuse or the like.  The STRONG program spoke on gang activity and how to get out of it. This was a much needed event for the community.  Great job Camara and Blair.

WFLI, Young Women’s Leadership Program sponsored Suffolk GirlsFLI (Girls Fund of Long Island) to host a PSA premiere. Executive Director Stacey Scarpone and Program Coordinator Malisa Ali. The Suffolk GirlsFLI did a movie called, “DON’T RAIN ON MY PARADE.” The movie showed at the South Huntington Public Library. Don’t Rain On My Parade encouraged high self-esteem. It specifically targeted low self-esteem, bullying and drugs. The story lines connected with it’s peers–the youth. Parents were also made aware of how to deal with these behaviors. GirlsFLI is a program of WFLI. GirlsFLI develops the next generation of young women leaders by recognizing women whose achievements have empowered other women. The young ladies of GirlsFLI connect with like minded girls across Long Island, encouraging them to identify issues in their communities and provides them with tools to make change.